This composite impact wrench by RED ROOSTER has an excellent weight/power ratio. The RRI-2100M is developed for assembly- and disassembly applications. The revolutionary Mechoneer impact mechanism gives high energy levels per impact. The Mechoneer impact mechanism combines the hitting strength of a Twin Hammer with the durability advantage of the closed hammer mechanism. On top of that, it is greased fully, which results in low vibration levels and low sound pressure. The tool is suitable for industrial use.
Breakloose torque: 1.850 Nm.

• Ergonomic design, well balanced
• Compact and lightweight
• Mechoneer Impact mechanism
• Power adjustable, 2 positions forward
• Exhaust silenced, through grip
• Forward/Reverse lever on trigger, for one-hand operation
• 2-Step trigger for controlled rundown

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Brand Red Rooster Industrial
Square Drive 1/2"
Version R
Bolt capacity (mm) 20
Impact mechanism Mechoneer
RPM 7500
Torque (Nm) 1000
Force adjustment L/R 2 Pos
Airconsumption (l/s) 12
Weight (kg) 2,0
Airconnection PT 1/4
Airpress max. (MPa) 0,63
mm A 162
mm B 36
Hosediameter (mm) 10
Safety standard EN ISO 11148-6
Max. breakaway torque (Nm) 1850
Vibration standard EN ISO 28927-2
Vibration value (m/s²) 6,5
Vibration uncertainty (m/s²) 1,14
Sound standard ISO 15744
Sound pressure (dB(A)) 88,2
Sound power (dB(A)) 99,2
Sound uncertainty (dB(A)) 3
EAN 8717981400799


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