The Industrial air tool program we offer consists of three quality brands; Yokota, Toku and Red Rooster. Yokota and Toku are both Japanese brands of the highest, most durable quality. Red Rooster black is a high quality series that have optimal ergonomic Features and are suitable for highly intensive use, accompanied by a black Red Rooster logo. The Red series, recognizable by a red logo, are for general applications and situations where the intensity of work is lower yet quality is required. The combination of these three brands offer the user the security of finding the right tool for each application. With a sharp focus on ergonomics, productivity, sustainability and reliability of both your tools and processes. The assortment of Industrial Air Tools varies from a large variety of impact wrenches to ratchet wrenches, drills, breaking hammers, long needle scalers to saws, grinders and sanders. Air tools are very sustainable due to their robustness, extremely long lifetime and easy maintenance. In order to maintain the long lifetime of the tools and full operational capacity it is crucial to ensure clean and sufficient air. The right air quality determines the lifetime and stable performance of the tool. We advise SMC air treatment components.