The RED ROOSTER universal tapping machine RRI-T330M12 has been developed for manual thread tapping.
The direction of rotation is easily adjusted with the rocker switch.
It is an ergonomically developed tool that fits well in the hand.
Exhaust through grip, sound muffled.
Thanks to the quick-change holder, different sizes of tap holders can be changed quickly and easily.
• Can be used both left and right handed.
• Side handle included for extra stability.
• Low air consumption.
• Low in vibrations.
• Can be used for M6 to M12 taps.

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Brand Red Rooster Industrial
RPM 330
Airconsumption (l/s) 15
Weight (kg) 1,63
Drill chuck B-12
Capacity steel (mm) M6-M12
Direction L+R
Airconnection PT 1/4"
Airpress max. (MPa) 0,63
mm A 215
mm B 160
mm C 45
Hosediameter (mm) 10
Power (kW) 0,39
Safety standard EN ISO 11148-3
Vibration standard EN ISO 28927-5
Vibration value (m/s²) 0,3
Vibration uncertainty (m/s²) 0,1
Sound standard ISO 15744
Sound pressure (dB(A)) 86
Sound power (dB(A)) 97
Sound uncertainty (dB(A)) 3
EAN 8717981392728


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