The improved RED ROOSTER compact angle grinder: lighter and 60% more powerful.

• ideal for cutting and grinding
• vibration-reduced dead-handle suitable for both left-hand and right-hand users
• metrical spindle allows use of widely used abrasives
• spindle-lock for quick change of abrasives
• protective cover can easily be adjusted

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Brand Red Rooster
RPM 12.000
Airconsumption (l/s) 17,4
Weight (kg) 1,9
Airconnection PT 3/8"
Airpress max. (MPa) 0,63
mm A 253
mm B 95
mm C 35
mm D 60
Hosediameter (mm) 13
Spindle M14 x 2
Power (kW) 1,04
Wheel size (mm) 125 x (0,8 - 7) x 22,2
Safety standard EN ISO 11148-7
Vibration standard EN ISO 28927-1
Vibration value (m/s²) 6,6
Vibration uncertainty (m/s²) 1,3
Sound standard ISO 15744
Sound pressure (dB(A)) 88
Sound power (dB(A)) 99
Sound uncertainty (dB(A)) 3
EAN 8717981364688


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