Yokota impulse wrenches are widely used for tightening jobs in the assembly industry, where accurate torque tolerances are necessary. Impulse tools are light, powerful, small and very importantly, have no kick-back. Product liability is essential to carmakers. All tightened joints have to be correct. For this reason all bolted joints must be counted, documented and, of course, tightened with the right clamping force. In order to do this, you need an impulse wrench (with a built-in transducer and angle-encoder on the main shaft) connected to a controller. If the controller establishes that the tightened joints do not meet the specifications, it can give a line-stop signal and the joints have to be checked manually.
* Very low weight / torque ratio
* High speed fastening
* No-lube airmotor
* No Kickback
* Green and Red LED signals on back-cover

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Brand Yokota
Bolt capacity (mm) 14 - 16
RPM 4200
Torque (Nm) 150 - 220
Airconsumption (l/s) 13,2
Weight (kg) 3,4
Airconnection PT 1/4"
Airpress max. (MPa) 0,63
mm A 242
mm B 32
Hosediameter (mm) 13
Square Drive / Hexagon 1/2"
Safety standard EN ISO 11148-6
Air consumption no load (l/s) 18,1
Vibration standard EN ISO 28927-2
Vibration value (m/s²) 4,4
Vibration uncertainty (m/s²) 1
Sound standard ISO 15744
Sound pressure (dB(A)) 84
Sound power (dB(A)) 95
Sound uncertainty (dB(A)) 3
EAN 8717981326426


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