18V 2Ah Lithium-Ion
Each cell is constant monitored resulting in the following:
• The motor gives a constant power due to electronic controlled constant power supply to the motor. The torque (repeatability) of an impulse wrench is also influenced by the power of the motor (with air tools this is the air pressure, the more constant the air pressure the more accurate the impulse wrench).
• The battery gives as long as possible a constant power because the electronics regulate an evenly load on each cell, this also results in a high maximum number of cycles per battery charge.
• The evenly and controlled charging power extends the life time of the battery.
• Protection against explosion in case of short circuit of the contacts.
• Over-discharge de-charge protection based on each cell voltage control.

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Rubber protection cover Battery


Brand Yokota
Weight (kg) 0,4
Power Supply (V) 18V - 2,0Ah
EAN 8717981339983