Yokota cordless impulse wrenches are powerful, very accurate and have no kick-back. With a battery power source the tool allows for the highest operational flexibility. This cordless impulse wrench has a built-in torque transducer and angle-sensor on the main shaft and a wireless connection to its controller. Each controller can connect with up to 4 operating cordless system wrenches. The Yokota cordless system wrench is the perfect solution for applications where cables or hoses are disruptive yet still all tightening data requires documentation and traceability. FEATURES • One controller connects 4 tools • Complete freedom of movement by use of batteries • Very low weight / torque ratio • High speed fastening • Acoustic and LED signals for tightening status indication • No kick-back • Electric (brushless) servo drive, freely RPM adjustable • Hybrid technology • 100% check on tightening abnormalities like cross thread, double hit, etc


Programming console




Battery System Wrench


Battery System Wrench


Battery System Wrench


Battery System E-wrench


Wireless controller System E-wrench