ACTION impact sockets are available for square drives of 1/4” up to 2 1/2”. The shape of the square drive of these sockets is characterized by rounded off corners, so the square drive of the powertool has the best possible fit. This means that the torque is transmitted on a large area, not only the corners of the socket. This results in good endurance of the sockets and a long lifetime. 6-POINT SOCKETS The 6-point sockets manufactured by ACTION also have rounded off corners. The rounded corners allow some space for the points of the bolt head, so the torque is transmitted on the flanks of the bolt head, giving you better results. Driving the flanks also means that the wear on the points of the bolt head or nut is reduced. For 12 point sockets, a similar geometry is used. Sleeve drive impact sockets have been developed for us by ACTION. Sleeve drive sockets improve the quality of a joint tightened with an impulse wrench. They minimize the play between the socket and the tool thus reducing „wobble“ and stabilizing the torque setting. The use of sleeve drive sockets is not only of benefit to the actual joint but it also reduces vibration to the tool and operator, reduces noise and prevents fast wearing of the tool.