The RED ROOSTER TMH series air chain hoists has the highest lifting speed on the hoist market. With M3 classification of mechanism this hoist is extremely reliable. This hoist will guarantee the continuity of your process. The TMH hoists are designed with a supporting eye for easy installation.

Standard features:
• Precise variable speed control (cord control)
• Optimum control of the load, very precise positioning • Main air shut off valve
• Mechanical end stop system
• Load limiter built-in without loss of headroom
• Low noise level (84 dBA)
• Working air pressure 0,4 - 0,63 MPa (4-6,3 bar)
• Piped away exhaust air

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Chain EN 818-7


Brand Red Rooster
Number of chain falls 2
Lowering speed full load (m/min) 3
Lowering speed 0-load (m/min) 2
Weight incl. 3m lift (kg) 581
Lifting speed full load (m/min) 1,4
Lifting speed 0-load (m/min) 2,7
Chain weight (kg/m) 12,1
Chain (mm) 23,5 x 66
Chainbag/Chainbucket +
Loadlimiter *
Airconnection 1,5" BSPT
Airpress max. (MPa) 0,63
Airconsumption fullload (l/s) 108
mm A 1290
Hosediameter (mm) 38
SMC Airtreatment unit SO-112392-AC825-14
Capacity (kg) 25000
Airconnection exhaust 1,5"
EAN 8717981379804