No kinks after bending!
The hose stretches easily and retracts automatically. This increases productivity and safety.
* Both ends executed with universal swivel-joints
* Provided with straight ends from 10 and 50 cm
* Increased flexibility polyurethane, no kinks after bending
* Max. pressure 10 bar
* Oil and petrol resistant
* Temperature -20°C to +80°C
* Swivel executed with ballbearings
* Very well suitable for combination with balancers


Brand Red Rooster
Internal diameter (mm) 6,5
Outside diameter (mm) 9,5
Airconnection 1/4"
Airpress max. (MPa) 1,0
Total length (m) 10,0
Workinglength (m) 9,0
EAN 8717981059492