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Data protection

Data protection policy

Rami Yokota B.V. does not collect any personal data on you via this website (such as for instance your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address), unless you voluntarily choose to provide such information to us (for instance via a Service Request). Rami Yokota B.V. does not transmit any information to you, unless this is permitted under the applicable laws and regulations for the protection of your personal data. In this regard, please download our detailed Data Privacy Declaration.

From time to time, Rami Yokota B.V. may send you an e-mail message or promotional letter that concerns those of our products and services, which we think may be of interest to you. Only Rami Yokota B.V. will be sending you e-mails or direct mailings. If you do not wish to receive any e-mail messages from us, then you can deregister yourself at any time by sending an e-mail message to, or by clicking on "Deregister" in our mailings.

Whenever you voluntarily provide information online (for instance via e-mail or on online forums), do keep in mind that this information can be collected and used by others.

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Use of Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, which is a service for web analysis that is provided by Google Inc. ("Google"). Google uses this information for examining how you use the website, and it creates reports about the activities on the website. Google Analytics also uses so-called cookies, namely text files that are stored on your computer, which make an analysis of how you use the website possible. The information about the use made of this website, which is contained in the cookie, is usually transmitted to a Google server in the US, where it is stored. Since IP anonymity is active on this website, the IP address of users located in member states of Europe, and also other countries that have signed the agreement of the European Economic Area, will first be abbreviated by Google. Only in exceptional cases will the complete IP address be transmitted to a server of Google in the USA, where it will subsequently be abbreviated. The IP address that is transmitted by your browser with regard to Google Analytics, is not linked to any other information that is collected by Google.


1. Introduction

Welcome to the Data Privacy Declaration of Rami Yokota B.V. We respect your privacy and we commit ourselves to protecting your personal information. This privacy declaration informs you, about how we process and use your personal data, and how we guarantee its security in conformity with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in the Netherlands referred to as the Algemene verordening gegevensbescherming (AVG), which came into effect on 25 May 2018. If you would like more information on this, please do take up contact with your local Privacy Officer at Rami Yokota.

2. General Information

This declaration is applicable to you as an individual, if you are a client, supplier, business partner or user of the website of Rami Yokota B.V., De Ruyterkade 120, NL-1011 AB Amsterdam, the Netherlands, or if you are an employee of a client, supplier or business partner, who has a connection to Rami Yokota B.V.

3. Categories of personal information

Unless limited by a local legislation, Rami Yokota B.V. collects, processes and uses the following categories of your personal information:

4. The objectives of processing personal information

The personal information of clients, suppliers, business partners and users, or of their employees, is collected, processed and exclusively used with the objective of implementing a contractual relationship, including invoicing, communications, legal and compliance activities for marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) activities, for the prevention of fraud and other security activities.

5. Legal basis

Rami Yokota B.V. will process your personal information, to the extent that such a processing is legally permitted. Below you will find a description of the legal basis, on which Rami Yokota B.V. processes your personal information. Note: This is not a complete list of legal points of departure, but only an overview of examples, which aim to explain to you how Rami Yokota B.V. handles your personal information.

6. Categories of recipients

Access to personal data is granted to employees of Rami Yokota B.V., for whom this is necessary on the basis of a goal, as mentioned above, or whenever this is legally required. Whenever it is required, due to applicable legislation and for the goals that have been mentioned above, Rami Yokota B.V. will sometimes, on the basis of a need to carry out an inspection, have to make certain personal information from you available to:

Rami Yokota B.V. demands from the service providers, to whom your personal data may possibly be provided, to only process your personal data in the name of Rami Yokota B.V. and under observation of its instructions, and that they will implement appropriate security measures, for the purpose of maintaining the confidentiality of your personal data.

7. International transmission of data

The personal data, which is collected or received by us, and which can be transferred to and processed by recipients that have been mentioned above, can be stored in or outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). Rami Yokota B.V. has taken appropriate measures for those recipients that are located outside of the EEA, so as to fulfil the legal requirements of data protection and to ensure a safe transfer of personal data outside of the EU, including amongst others the implementation of an agreement for data transfer, which is based on the applicable model clauses issued by the European Commission, Privacy Shield Certification (US), approved behavioural codes and an approved process of certification (see Article 42 of GDPR).

8. Storage period

Your personal data will be stored by Rami Yokota B.V. and/or our service providers, whereby such storage occurs exclusively for the execution of our obligations and for the time that is required, for achieving those goals for which this information is being collected, all in conformity with applicable laws for data protection. Rami Yokota B.V. will therefore delete your personal data, whenever such data is no longer relevant, and in all instances as soon as the maximum storage period for your data expires, as provided for by applicable legislation. Personal data, which is included in contracts, business communications and letters, can be subject to legal retention requirements, which may demand a storage of up to 10 years. All other sales information will, in principle, be deleted two years after the termination of the business relationship between you and Rami Yokota B.V.

9. Technical and organizational measures

Rami Yokota B.V. will implement suitable technical and organizational security measures, so as to limit the risk of unauthorized or illegal disclosure, or incidental or illegal loss, destruction, modification or damage to your personal data. These security measures will be optimized over time, in conformity with legal and technological developments.

10. Rights on personal data

You have specific legal rights, with regard to the personal data about you, which is collected and processed by Rami Yokota B.V. In certain situations, you have the right to:

These rights may be limited, on the basis of local legislation with regard to data protection.

11. Contact information

Please take up contact with Rami Yokota B.V., whenever you want to have access to your personal data that is stored by Rami Yokota B.V., or if you went to make use of your rights in this regard. You also have the right to lodge a complaint, with the competent institution that supervises data protection.

Privacy Officer:

Yvette Krul
Rami Yokota BV, De Ruyterkade 120, 1011 AB Amsterdam
T: +31 (0) 20 531 88 21