YX-4500J Poka Yoke impulse wrench 3/4"

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Yokota impulse wrenches are widely used for tightening jobs in the assembly industry, where accurate torque tolerances are necessary. Impulse tools are light, powerful, small and very importantly, have no kick-back. Pistol model. Exclusively for use with YTC-3 Poka Yoke controller.
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Brand Yokota
Safety standard EN ISO 11148-6
Square Drive / Hexagon 3/4"
Bolt capacity (mm) 18 - 20
RPM 3400
Torque (Nm) 392 - 490
Airconsumption (l/s) 11,6
Air consumption no load (l/s) 24
Weight (kg) 9,80
Airconnection PT 3/8"
Hosediameter (mm) 13
mm A 300
mm B 65
Vibration level (m/s²) 3,9
Sound level (dB(A)) 87
Maximum Airpressure (Bar) 6,3
EAN 8717981021291


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